The Alpha Business Institute was created by John Bunting CTB as a mechanism to educate the public in the inherent benefits of using their own privately created paper money and alternative currencies such as complementary currencies regulated and controlled by entities like Bartercard, BBX, BIZx, IMS and ITEX  and crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Qoin and XRP to fulfil their personal and business objectives.

Business Operators

John Bunting CTB, the principal of the Alpha Business Institute, guarantees to teach you more about the profitable use of alternative currencies such as Bartercard, BBX and Qoin as a strategy to: 
>> Out Sell
>> Out Smart
>> Out Produce
>> Out Manoeuvre... and totally
>> Out Perform your competitors, than any other party in Australasia. 

Changing Times

The use of alternative currency by the brands displayed below attests to its market acceptance as a strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

The reasons why they use alternative currency vary depending on their marketing philosophy, objectives and/or circumstances, as each strategy has different features and benefits of use.

Some use alternative currency as an added value reward to increase cash sales and others use alternative currency as a payment method to reduce purchasing, borrowing and operating costs. 

The More You Learn, the More You Earn

John is recognised by many as Australasia's leading authority in the creation and use of alternative currency as an added value and payment method inducement strategy. He can provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to implement its profitable use through organised *eco systems.

 *Eco systems means a group of businesses or business activities that affect each other and work well together.


Learn how to use alternative currency as an added value reward to:
>> RETAIN/GAIN fiat ("Cash") paying customers and build loyalty without discounting
>> INCENTIVISE cash customers to purchase in off-peak periods 
>> IMPROVE timely payment of receivables
>> REDUCE marketing costs   

Strategies presented may improve bottom-line  profits by up to 50% 


Learn how to use alternative currency as a payment method to:
>> INCREASE alternative currency sales and build loyalty without discounting
>> REDUCE purchasing, borrowing and operating costs

Strategies presented may improve bottom-line profits by up to 15%

Attendee Comments

The following comments sum up feedback given by attendees at John's seminars and workshops.

“Very organised, creative ideas”

"John provided me with a great level and understanding of the concept"

“Motivational, inspirational and thorough”

“The newly gained knowledge has given us a vastly improved sense of security and confidence”

"I thank John very much for transferring this knowledge… in a frank and logical manner"

“What I saw and heard within a few hours, changed the whole way I look at doing business."


The Alpha Business Institute was established to educate the community on new age strategies to fast track sales, reduce purchasing costs, accelerate timely payment of receivables and improve bottom-line profits.


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